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Spice Jet harasses Passengers by keeping AC switched off.

Spice Jet flight SG 872 from Mumbai to Jabalpur dated 26th February 2023 was delayed by 2 hours. For those 2 hours passengers were made to sit inside the flight without AC in order to save fuel. Upon passengers complaining to the crew, no action was taken. Excuses given by the crew focused on the surface temperature being above 30 degree Celsius in view of which AC was not functioning properly. AC was started only after the flight took off. Passengers were also threatened by the crew against taking videos. Their phones were snatched and some videos were deleted. For the entire journey AC was not functioning optimally.

Passengers have decided to file a consumer complaint against Flight Jet before the National Consumer Forum at New Delhi as well as have tweeted against this action to the Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia

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